Next Post Everlasting ceremony will be March 13, 2013, at 7:00 PM
All Post 463 members are encouraged to attend.


The Woodford County Council of The American Legion conducts a solemn Post Everlasting Ceremony once each year, with each Post of Woodford County participating.  This is for Post Member's of The American Legion who have passed away since the previous Ceremony.

The lights are turned off or dimmed and the Service is conducted.  The County Commander acts as moderates the ceremony, with each Post's Commander or designate reads the names of their Members being transferred and the County Adjutant records the names in the Roll Book of Post Everlasting.  A "tripod" of three Military Rifles, with a Helmet placed over the barrels, represents the Legionnaires service in the Armed Forces of The United States.  A Legion Cap is placed on the Tripod in recognition to their Service in The American Legion.  The Helmet, placed upon a tripod, holds a "sacred fire" used to transfer the deceased Legionnaires' Records from each Post to Post Everlasting.  A current member then symbolically transmits each deceased records individually, by setting fire to each of the deceased Legionnaire's name as it is read and placing it into the Post Everlasting Fire in the Helmet.

Families of deceased Legion Members are invited to attend the Post Everlasting Ceremony, then afterwards are presented with a American Legion Resolution Certificate, noting their loved one's Transfer to the Post Everlasting.

PUFL = Paid Up For Life Member xxx   Lifetime = Honored by the Post with a PUFL membership


Arthur Faucan - U.S. Navy Veteran, Korean War era, PUFL member for 56 years, passed away on 03/01/2012


Walter E. Schwind - U.S. Marine Corp Veteran, Korean War era, PUFL member for 28 years, passed away on 08/14/2011

Ralph D. Wagner - U.S. Air Force Veteran, Korean War era, member for 45 years, passed away on 11/18/2011

David  L. Knapp - U.S. Marine Corp Veteran, Vietnam War era, member for 7 years, passed away on 01/03/2012


Billie B. Sapp - U.S. Army Veteran, Korean War era, PUFL member for 50 years, passed away on 08/21/2010

David E. Herbst - U.S. Air Force Veteran, Korean War era, PUFL Member for 46 years, passed away on 11/21/2010


Louis "Blackie" Barra -U.S. Army Veteran, WWII era, member for 64 years, passed away on 05/08/2009

Jean E. Rowland - U.S. Army Veteran, WWII & Korean War era, PUFL Member for 25 years, passed away on 05/23/2009

Benjamin T. Fehr, Jr - U.S. Navy Veteran, WWII era, member for 27 years, passed away on 05/25/2009

William W. Behnke - U.S. Air Forece Veteran, Vietnam War era, PUFL member for 35 years, passed away on 05/31/2009

Frank Crawford - U.S. Army Air Force Veteran, WWII era, member for 57 years, passed away on 06/12/2009

Donald F. Sauder - U.S. Air Force Veteran, WWII era, member for 63 years, passed away on 07/12/2009

Norman J. Funk - U.S. Navy Veteran, WWII era, PUFL member for 64 years, passed away on 08/16/2009

Henry "Hank" Micheletti - U.S. Navy Veteran, Korean War era, Lifetime member for 56 years, passed away on 08/22/2009

David Eric Menssen - U.S. Army Veteran, Korean War era, PUFL member for 37 years, passed away on 12/14/2009


Because of the records that were lost during the Legion Post's building flood of September 2008, and uncertainity of the years deceased members were entered into the "Post Everlasting", earlier year's information is currently pending.