Thursday, April 01, 2010


BAR MANAGER PROCEDURES & RESPONSIBILITIES as passed this evening at the regular Legion Meeting:

The Primary Purpose of the Post’s Legion Bar shall be for additional income when supportive of the Rental of the Legion Building for events such as fund-raising dinners, parties, receptions, and similar events. The motive is neither to be a separate business nor to actively compete against establishments in our town as an enterprise for non-Legionnaire customers. The Bar will stock a minimal selection of beers, wines & liquors as needed to support rentals but its intent will not be to provide every specialty drink or stay open pass established hours.

The Bar Manager, although not a recognized American Legion officer, will be elected each year with the Officers of the Post and shall serve the same term as the Officers. He or she will be a member of the Executive Committee, but also report to this same Committee. The Bar Manager will not have authority to purchase, rent, or have placed in the Legion any equipment without the Membership’s approval. The Mgr’s main responsibilities will be, but not limited to, the following:

> Make sure the bar is stocked before an event, purchasing as needed the beer, wine, and liquors from established distributors and sodas and other needed supplies from the best avenue, usually being current sources. A maximum selection and quantities of bar stock will be established by the Bar Manager, with final approval by the Executive Committee.

> Arrange for bartender(s) as needed to tend bar during an event. Bartenders are paid a set fee per event out of the event’s proceeds, plus may split all normal tips. The Bar Manager may be one of the working bartenders and entitled to the fee & equitable portion of the tips.

> Open and close the Bar as per the times requested in the Post’s Rental Agreement, unless the duty is taken by another responsible Roanoke Legionnaire. The Bar shall not remain open beyond the latest times established by the Membership.

> Remain at the event until it is completely over to ensure that all Legion House Rules are followed, unless another bartender(s) is a Roanoke Legionnaire or other designated Legion member is available. The Bar cannot be operational without a Legion member present.

> Maintain the accounts & funds of the Bar. The maximum amount of money to be kept and when excess funds should be turned over to the Legion Finance Officer will be established by the Bar Manager and the Executive Committee. For an event, the start up money will be obtained from the bank and returned within the Deposit at the end of the event.

> Count the proceeds after an event, with a verification count by a responsible person, or arrange for another Legionnaire to do so, and deposit it in the Legion Bar bank account. No funds should be kept at anyone’s home, with the possible exception of “startup money” for a day or two when necessary prior to an event.

> Present a monthly written report to the Membership, showing all expenses & income and profit from the events of the month, including jukebox, games, etc. that may be under the Bar Mgr’s supervision. A copy of this report shall be given to be placed on file for audit.

> Attend the Executive Committee’s monthly meetings regularly to discuss any suggestions, issues or requests pertaining to the Bar or that need to be presented to the Membership.

> In all cases, the overriding principle of what is “for the good of the American Legion” and its reputation shall prevail when making decisions not covered under this document.

Effective as of 04-01-2010 and in effect unless changed by the Membership of Roanoke Post 463.